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Following are the resources for Sitecore PowerShell Extensions – up to 5th of November 2014.

We’ve been endorsed by John West as one of the accelerators Sitecore developers should consider!

How do I get the PowerShell Extensions for Sitecore?

101 level tutorials for PowerShell Extensions for Sitecore

External learning materials helpful for all PowerShell scripters

Code Examples

How PowerShell console can help you extend Sitecore?

PowerShell Extensions as tooling for Sitecore development

Using PowerShell Extensions for reporting

Interesting use cases of the PowerShell Extensions Module

Other potential uses for PowerShell Console for Sitecore?

Alternative solutions

PowerShell Extensions on Conferences and User Groups

PowerShell Extensions Development & internals

The PowerShell co-nerds within Sitecore Community

Other people that did research in the field, adopted the console early and/or are knowledgeable in the subject:

How can I contribute?

If you have any suggestions please email me: adam [at] najmanowicz.com or post within the Sitecore Shared Source Forum.