I’m really excited to see the 3.0 version of Sitecore PowerShell Extensions released. There have been more effort, love and sweat poured into this version by the whole team than I would ever expect. This blog has been written to assert the smoothest upgrade experience possible. While we’re always striving for the smoothest upgrade possible – this version introduces some changes that require you to perform a manual step or two. While those could be automated to a degree, making those manual was a conscious choice as I didn’t want to break e.g. your Insite instance that stores some of its files in the “Console” sub-folder of the Website folder.

Before upgrading your instance from Sitecore PowerShell Extensions 2.x to 3.0 please make sure you have your scripts backed up as the upgrade process might cause some of your scripts to be removed. This is especially true if you used the integration script libraries and you are upgrading from SPE 2.7 or earlier. If you’re upgrading from version 2.8 and your script live in your own modules You should be safe although it’s always smart to back up.

The steps you need to take prior or after installing the new version of the PowerShell Extensions:

You MUST delete the following folder from your sitecore Website folders:

  • \sitecore\shell\Applications\PowerShell\

IMPACT: If you will not delete that folder or the contents of that folder the PowerShell Extensions applications might no longer work or produce unexpected results

You SHOULD delete the content of the following folder:

  • \Console\Services\

IMPACT: Should you not remove the folder – the PowerShell services  might be available from both the old URL and the new URL available at: “\sitecore modules\PowerShell\Services\”

You CAN delete the following folders:

  • \Console\Assets\
  • \Console\Scripts\
  • \Console\Styles\

IMPACT: Those folders now exist under “\sitecore modules\PowerShell\” but their existence in the previous location does not have any impact other than taking space on the server,

That is pretty much it. I hope to blog about the new features shortly as there is plenty of them and the whole PowerShell Extensions team is really excited to make those available for you.

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