There’s been a great link to an article forwarded to me today to a Newsweek’s Apple PR division Technology columnist Steven Levy. Where he claimed that he has lost (although he is not sure (LOL) ) his MacBook Air. blogosphere is throwing their hands up in the Air ;), but really… it’s so funny on so many levels that people are all about the story (ironically so am I with this post). The article is such a great example of the Apple hype machine at its best. Let me elaborate

Let’s start with the heading to the article:

There will be a lot of desperate searches for lost MacBook Airs. And can you really blame a guy for losing something called Air?

Oh really? I have a newsflash for you Steven: 90% of everything is SMALLER than your Air. Over the years people have learned to get a hold of their credit cards, cell phones, money, keys. When was the last time someone made a stink about them loosing a PDA? All of them are by far smaller and lighter than the Air.

A tip for you Steven: just bend your papers before you throw them out. Really, if the paper stack does not bend vertically there’s usually something there that should not be discarded. A CD (another thing smaller than Air)? If that is even true, god knows what else are you throwing away.

So what’s the point of the article? The first page is soaking with words "MacBook" and "MacBook Air". Nice! Quite "incidentally" if you have your google settings set to English language you’ll see the link to the guy on the first page. Bottom of it, granted, but would you really expect him to beat Apple’s official page and Amazon?


Let’s get back for a minute and consider one thing What’s the ultimate internet’s currency? Links (You won’t get one here, sorry) . Newsweek decided that they will pony up the 1800 for the Air (since it was a loaner) but hey! Fear not, they are far from losing on the exchange. They appear on the first page of the search for MacBook Air.

Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if no money exchanged hands at all here. What could be better marketing for apple than someone singing songs in their choir about how slim the notebook is?

Seriously… next time you stumble upon an article of that "prominent and respected critic of Apple Inc" (he even has apple in his wikipedia profile!) pay attention! I don’t seem to be alone on that opinion as well.

Lo and behold – this is not the last of those stunts. TSA is not letting a guy to enter a plane cause Air is just too small to be a computer and I agree you have to be much more paranoid to think that this could be orchestrated by Apple, but they’re not crying about it either. Do I hear the echoes of Microsoft munchkins from 10-15 years ago?

Now how’s that for a conspiracy theory? ;)

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