Most of us here use Pandora for the listening to the music with their headphones.

The keyboards we have at the office do not have any sound volume adjusting keys.

It’s mildly annoying that you need to take off your headphones every time someone talks to you or click the system tray every time the musinc is too quiet or too loud. But hey! What do we have CodeProject and Visual Studio for?

Quick investigation on CP allows to determine that there is a way for a DotNet app to both control the system volume and hook the keyboard events fairly easily.

Half an hour later…

We have a little tray application for adjusting the system volume control

The only visual indication of the app running is a tray icon. While it is running you can:

  • Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow – Volume up
  • Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow – Volume down
  • Ctrl + Alt + Scroll Lock – Mute / Unmute
  • Click the icon to het a baloon tooltim with those hints
  • Right click the tray icon to close the app.

The icon has been taken from the Dement?con icon pack by MindlessPuppet.

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