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I really find the “Did you know that…” dialogs showing when an application is running quite hilarious.

They provide no solution or enrichment whatsoever, because some random tip at the program startup is highly unlikely to help me with the task I am about to perform with the software. It also is completely stripped off wider context and random as it is, serves exclusively as an annoyance and the first thing user has to turn off in the application.

That said, user still may find some tips and tricks usefully, if provided in a proper form and time. So here are some of them to read at a time of your convenience…

Did you know that….         ;)

  • when you drag a group or a blog over another group it will fall into that group, BUT if you have the Ctrl key pressed it will treat the group you drag the item offer as a non-container, meaning you can order the groups by dragging and dropping without nesting the dragged group withing the one being dragged over.
  • If you have ieSpell installed on your computer, Blog Navigator will let you take full advantage of its features? You can spell check the pages you browse, but what’s even cooler you can spell check the articles you write with Blog Navigator at your blog. Whenever ieSpell is installed Blog Navigator adds a tool button for checking of spelling as well as a “Tools” menu with “Check spelling” option in the article editor. This option is experimental and unsupported though. It is not an official feature, just something I added as I really badly need a spell checker while writing my articles ;)
  • You can upload images/files and either embed them or link to them from your article with just a few clicks. Read more about it here.
  • You can export article newspapers by selecting a number of articles on a list, clicking on one of them with a right mouse button and selecting “Export selected articles”, or export whole blog or a group of blogs as a newspaper fro a later read in ANY browser by clicking with the right mouse button on the desired blog/group and from the pop up menu selecting “Export all articles in this folder as a newspaper”
  • You can import your subscriptions from a handful of popular RSS readers by selecting “Import” menu item from the “File” menu in the main menu.
  • You can export all your subscriptions or any subset of them to backup of to mail them to a friend using Blog Navigator with the “Folder”->”Export …” menu item located in the “File” menu. You/he/she will then be able to import it back to Blog Navigator by selecting “Import” menu item from the “File” menu in the main menu.

That would be about it for the day, I’ll try to add some more if there is any interest in such a series.

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