60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz

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preserving the past to protect the future

Today is the 60th anniversary of liberation of the Auschwitz concentation camp. Probably the last round anniversary with so many witnesses still alive. Auschwitz was a German Nazzis’ camp of mass murder which took the death toll of about 1.5 million people. Most of them were Jews from Poland and surrounding countries, Poles, Gypsies and homosexuals and Soviet POWs. The leaders of 30 countries gather in Krakow, POLAND (near Oswiecim – polish name for German Auschwitz) today to honor the death of the innocent victims of the sick ideology that some humans are somehow inherently better than others.


Bow your head and say a prayer for over six million Jews and Poles (I consider those living in Poland being Poles no matter what religion do they believe) killed in the German Nazi concentration camps.

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